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If you are looking for a value-for-money Spanish Villa surrounded by peace and tranquillity, then Hondon Valley may be the place for you. Villas with 3 beds / 2 baths and a pool start from as little as €145k… It’s a buyer’s market so make an offer! » So consider looking on HONDONVILLAS.NET Property for […]
There is a Facebook Group dedicated to events and social in the Hondon Valley. PLEASE JOIN! What’s On in the HONDON VALLEY… time to get out of the house! …. A new Hondon Community Group…. to post events, fiestas, tourist stuff, nice places to go, restaurants or hobby groups to promote their activities. The ideal […]
The Hondon Valley is known for it’s table grapes. In 2014 the Vinolopó area produced 40 million kilos and despite the very long, dry and intense heat this year, the grapes were of the usual high quality.Of course this delicate fruit needs some protection from the severe Costa Blanca elements so they can arrive to […]
The annual summer street parade in Hondon de los Frailes. (Costa Blanca, Spain). » Read more on you are looking to experience life in a typical friendly Spanish village without the crowds of tourists, immerse yourself into a traditional community and dine al-freso 300+ days a year then Hondon de los Frailes is just […]
Hi… after a few months neglect we have decided to update this blog and news site about the Hondón areas. It’ll take some time so sorry if your search may not be here right now. We are painstakingly going through 100’s of articles to either delete as outdated or to polish / add to them […]
You can get Tapas in the Hondon area, but it’s not widely available or of great variety... least not in the league of Granada and the Andalucia region in general. A new Spanish run Tapas Bar has just opened calls “El Charro” in the Frailes Plaza (see Facebook El Charro) Having just visited my favourite […]
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