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A refuge ... Hondon in Spain

The Hondón Valley… A refuge! This quiet sanctuary is away from the pace, hassle and bustle of  the world. The Hondon Valley is a beautiful Spanish neighbourhood nestling in between […]

Hondon Frailes, Springtime 2017

The Spanish Primavera is always a special time of year. The flora and “campo” countryside shows rapid new growth and regeneration of life and colour. Of course, the Hondon Valley […]

12 Grapes for New Year

With just a few days to go the Spanish New Year is a little different to what you may be used to and it involves eating lucky grapes and adorning […]

Hondón de las Nieves is planning to get a new primary school because the current building is 41 years old and is very deteriorated. The mayor and the councillors of […]