A New School for Nieves

Hondón de las Nieves is planning to get a new primary school because the current building is 41 years old and is very deteriorated.

The mayor and the councillors of Finance and Urbanism of Hondón de las Nieves want to initiate the construction of a new Primary public school. For a few years now, the locals have demonstrated to protest of the serious deterioration of the present building constructed in 1975.

All attendees of the School Council, teachers, parents, students and politicians, agreed on the need to work together for a new school. In that sense the autonomic deputy Cristina Rodríguez has offered as the main bridge of communication with the Council.

If you have an interest in the building of the new school in Nieves then you should contact Cristina or Councillor for Town Planning, Viturià Gonzálvez at the Nieves Town Hall.