Hollywood Comes to Hondón Valley

hondon-cowboyYes Hollywood came to Hóndon recently for the BIG budget remake of the classic Spaghetti Western film “A Fist full of Dollars Cliches”...

Shot entirely in the Valley of Hondon, this film follows the traditional recipe for ‘Cowboy Film’ box office success…. creeking boots, glaring sun, mecci-co accents and panoramic shots of the ‘desert’. The acting is superb, especially the lead baddie who in his hunt for hidden gold cuts a mean black figure. He’s one scary man with a evil stare!

Superb Acting with All Star Cast

Cameo roles from nearby residents of Hondon and Expat’ holiday makers add to the drama which gives the film a ‘realness’. And it wouldn’t be a Spag-Bog Western without the tongue-in-cheek humor… like the ‘Ass’ joke. The  music score adds to the drama and is used very well.

In a recent review by Film 2009 presenter Jonathon Ross, he said this was the best film to come out of Hondon in years, and one not to be be missed !! He also added something about “… if you have no life !!”

Hondón on the YouTube Video Channel

Anyway the re-runs of “A Fist Full of Cliches” are constantly being shown on YouTube – Its FREE TO WATCH so what are you waiting for?

…and it’s in TWO parts with a twist at the end ! A CLASSIC   ****½ Stars