Hondón Fiestas

The local Hondón de las Nieves Ayuntamiento has issued a Las Fiestas program (Spanish & English) for summer 2015. It’s in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded here.

Download» Hondón de las Nieves Fiestas
Download » La Canalosa Fiestas

Hondon Fiestas

The main event for most of us is the weekend Medieval Market and Correfocs Fireworks …. amazing and not to be missed! It’s a very late night too…. expect to get home about 2am or later.

Of course there are many other events, cultural and religious as well as fun for the children and family, sports and culinary events. Check out the program for the full timetable.

Dear Residents and Friends,   (taken from the Nieves program)

Once again I have the privilege to address everybody to wish you all the best for our Patron’s Fiestas. The challenge to write this message on a blank sheet in this case is a very pleasant task. Because of this, what I should and want to show towards my village residents and friends is a deep and sincere appreciation.

Our village, always friendly and open, shows itself in these days of celebration more welcoming to all those who love the village and live in it or visit it.

The decoration of our streets is a noble and open gesture, and thanks to the efforts of the residents, make these days more than ever places of getting together, walking around and chatting and meeting friends. We see that old traditions are kept up by eating and relaxing outside in the streets.

It is nice to see the attitude of our Fondoneras showing so much excitement in wanting to represent our village. I am grateful to them and their families for their enthusiasm and effort.

It moves me to think of our elderly citizens (‘Hondoneros’) who are examples to the new generations by showing respect and love for our village and therefore they receive our gratitude: in the case of Manuel, for the second time and Luisa for the seventh time.

Thanks to our municipal band who are irreplaceable in our fiestas and again have recently won a first prize. Congratulations to all the members, to their committee and their conductor.

Thanks to our football team for their magnificent and exciting season. Congratulations to the players, committee and their president. We can be proud of their commitment, enthusiasm and above all, their sportsmanship.

Thanks to everybody and every local association for their commitment and social involvement. They all do a wonderful job in their own area. Some with their work for good causes contribute food and other urgent necessities during the difficult times our village is undergoing thus easing basic economic needs. Some contribute especially in the organization and work of the activities scheduled for our fiestas. I congratulate everyone for their dedication and effort.

Thanks to our painters who contribute to the fiestas with a magnificent exhibition as well as doing the front cover of the ‘Amanecer’ fiestas programme. Thanks also to Jacob Botella Varó, who very kindly accepted my request to be the ‘pregonero’ for our fiestas 2013.

And again, thanks, many thanks, to all and everyone involved in the Fiestas Committee for their dedication and effort. And together with all of you, happy to be an ‘Hondonero’, and joyful for the proximity of our fiestas I would like to finish by expressing a fervent and moving… ¡VIVA LA VIRGEN DE LAS NIEVES! Thanks and HAPPY FIESTAS

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