Hondon What’s On?

Hondon What's On
Facebook Group for Hondon Entertainment

We help run the Facebook Group “Hondon What’s On?” that local bars, restaurants, charities and groups use to advertise events, fiestas and celebrations in the Hondon Valley areas.

It’s a good way to find out what is going on or to ask questions about your interests or hobbies. Why not start up a hobby group of your own.

Anyone with a Facebook account can join:
» Here is the web address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hondonwhatson/

Some of the interests and events in Hondon include:
Fiestas & Community Socials
Music and Artists
Tapas / Gastronomic Events
Markets & Sales
Sports & Games
Hobby Meet-ups
Walking & Hiking
Cycling Groups
Slimming / Health Clubs
Animal Welfare & Charities
Military Legions
Theatre / Arts
Equestrian Events
Painting & Ceramics
Language / Spanish / English Classes
Book Clubs
,,, and so much more.

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