Outstanding Hondón Wine Merchant

Hondon Valley is known for it’s grapes. Whilst most are for eating they still make a lot of wine as they have done for decades.

The Bodegas Cerda in Hondón De Las Nieves is an outstanding building and wine maker / seller. They have had a presence in Hondon since 1885. Now this relatively new bodega building houses their own wine making equipment, a retail unit, a wine museum and an audio/visual presentation room with catering facilities. SEE THE VIDEO HERE.

2020: They now have an online shop so you can order online!

You can visit Bodegas Cerda everyday of the week to taste and buy the wines. The staff speak Spanish and English and are always happy to help you choose a wine. The locals are very loyal and can be seen there everyday buying their favourite local wine in all manner of containers. There are also great gift sets and special purchases such as cheeses, ham, corkscrews, barrels and ornamental wine ‘nic-naks’.

If you can get a party of 10 or more interested they also do special Wine Tasting Sessions to include a meal of Paella, Jamon, Queso with a full Video presentation and tour of the cellars.

If you are in the area or live near by you REALLY should take a look as the interior is a wonder for such a small village like Hondon de las Nieves…. marvel at the quality of stone work, the stained glass windows, the paintings, quality of the carving and much more… and of course try the quality wines – they are delicious and very cheap compared to the UK !!

Happy Wine Tasting in Hondón

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