Quaking and Shakin’

The Hondon Valley is a seismic area, with small earthquakes about once a year. The earthquakes are less than 3 on the Richter scale and rarely cause any damage but some interstitial alarm. In the 10+ years we have been here we can recall about 5 or 6. [ See Earthquaketrack.com ]

Seismic Event in Hondon

The first one is a little scary if you have never experienced one before… “What do I do?”.  But they tend to just rumble and shake the windows a little. The nearer you are to the epicentre the more you’ll feel it of course. Nad in case you are wondering the Hondon properties here are built to withstand the seismic tremors and as far as we know, no damage or injuries have been reported for many a year. In general they are quite mild and the locals really are used to them.

If you are interested, there are a quite few websites that report volcanic and seismic events across the globe. These websites report the location, warnings and the magnitude of these natural events. It’s surprising how many earthquakes there are in the world. Thankfully they are few and far between in Spain.

November 23rd 2016 was the latest earthquake here in the Hondon Valley and was reported in the local paper:
The earthquake has caused no injuries or material damage. The earthquake measured 3 degrees on the Richter scale, with an epicenter in the municipality of Hondón de las Nieves, has been felt in the south of the province of Alicante, according to the National Geographic Institute (IGN). The shaking has been recorded at 11 kilometers deep at 16.28 local time and has reached a maximum intensity of 4 over 12. In fact, the ‘112’ emergency line of the Generalitat has indicated, in its Twitter account, that have received about 50 calls alerting the event in the area. The earthquake has been observed in the localities of Crevillent; Pla de Sant Josep, Algorós, Altabix, Atzavares, Penya de les Àligues, Carrús and Torrellano (Elche); Aspe; Alicante and Elda.