Semana Santa – Holy Week

Spain has many festivals steeped in religious culture and Easter of course is a big deal here. They call it “Semana Santa” and just about every city, town & village will celebrate in some way. Often the parades are spectacular in the cities but also it is a time to hold Holy gatherings – all are welcome!

Hondon de las Nieves has it’s own version, mainly set around the village church with prayer, celebrations, events and parades of the Virgin Mary.

The effigy of Mary “Our Lady” is paraded around the town, accompanied by 100’s of followers and to the music of the local brass band. The plaza is awash with people and it’s quite exciting and worth a look.

Nieves is twinned with a local town (about 15 minutes drive) called Aspe who share the fiesta and they will literally in there masses walk the effigy high above their heads from Nieves to Aspe. The locals follow on foot if they via the old road. It’s a spectacle for sure.

Alicante (About 25 minutes from Hondon Valley) has an enormous event with 10’s of thousands attending. The streets are lined with people to watch the processions of the ‘brotherhoods’, bands, dancing and religious ceremonies – some very solemn!

They say the best view for Alicante is on the hill of the castle over-looking the coast road / marina. The Holy Week Easter celebrations begins on Palm Sunday, giving way to a week of processions by around 30 guilds and brotherhoods. One of the most popular and emotive is the procession through the narrow, steep streets of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood on the Wednesday before Easter Sunday.

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