The 3 Kings! Fiesta de los Reyes

The Parae of the Three Kings (Chrsitmas)

Here in Spain (Hondón has one too) the annual march of the Kings takes place on the 5th January. The evening is like our “Christmas Eve” as this is the main time the Spaniards celebrate Christmas.

As for the Kings themselves, they continue to arrive on schedule every year to villages, towns and cities throughout Spain to make the annual parade, which usually starts at dusk and parades through the centre of urban areas.

The celebrations are over two days, Spain’s annual Three Kings Festival (Fiesta de los Reyes). They vary from small to Grandiose! You will see colourful street parades, a delicious cake with a surprise hidden inside and a vibrant display of brightly illuminated costumes.

Melchor, Gazpar and Baltasar (the 3 African king) are magically able to appear simultaneously throughout this entire land as evening falls and they don’t come empty handed.

Three Kings Fiesta

In major destinations such as Madrid and Barcelona, the sweet-throwing Kings’ parades attract crowds of hundreds of thousands and are televised across the country, but every Spanish town and city stages some kind of celebration on January 5th. The atmosphere is friendly and family orientated – a little like Semana Santa but minus the atmosphere of sombre religiosity – and the parades usually happen early evening so young children can watch them before going to bed.

As the Majestic entourage parades about town, the locals are smiling and waving from trucks, trailers and even floats. The Kings dutifully toss out handfuls of sweets to the children waiting in the streets at they pass. If you take little ones to the parade, be sure to bring along bags to handle the accumulation of little treasures they will certainly want to take home.

If there is a Three Kings Parade near your – please support it – they can be real fun for the children and some of the bigger ones are spectacular.

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