Elche’s la Nit de l’Albà (Fireworks)

On the night of the 13th of August 11pm, Elche celebrates la Nit de l’Albá. It is one of the most awaited celebrations by the people of Elche and surrounding areas (Many people travel the 20 minutes from the Hondon Valley).

On this night, where 1000’s of large and noisy fireworks are set-off, the night sky is ablaze with light, colour and sound. It is a “Blitz” of incredible fire power. You will not believe your eyes or ears!

This is a highly characteristic festival of the city and has its origin in the Middle Ages, where families used to make offerings to the Virgin by way of a rocket launched for each of their respective children. Currently, that tradition has turned into the setting off of hundreds of palm forms that are launched in a coordinated and alternating way from different points of the city. Furthermore, the citizens purchase and set off fireworks individually and in a spontaneous fashion during the shower of light that characterises the “night of fire”.  (Please get there early as Elche is packed to bursting with people and cars)

Read more here : http://www.visitelche.com/en/world-heritage/nit-de-lalba/
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