Albatera, Alicante Region

Exciting Developments of Albatera Village  by James Purefoy (Go Articles)

The village of Albatera is located in Vega Baja in Alicante province. Its population is barely 9,000 with many speaking Spanish and a little Catalan. Albatera is easily accessible from many Spanish towns and cities such as Alicante and Murcia.

Albatera Villa for Sale

Albatera offers many beautiful views from Sierra de Crevillent Mountains and River Segura. Its pleasant Mediterranean climate and little rainfall attract many tourists to this idyllic village.

Development from history

Albatera came under Alicante province in the year 1833; it indulged in agriculture with River Segura assisting in its irrigation needs. However, pig farming flourished and became a strong contributor to Albatera’s economy.

Today, more industries have been established and these overshadowed many of the traditional economies. However, there are numerous irrigation channels and canals available to water the village’s agricultural plots. Hence, vegetable produce such as dates and lemons grow healthily.

Albatera’s history is rich with the many artifacts uncovered. These findings confirmed the village’s pre-historic civilizations that stretched back to 3rd century BC. The Romans came and set up the village’s irrigation channels to cultivate the land. The Arabs came during the 5th century until Alfonso X re-conquered Albatera in 1266.

Church of Albatera

There is an ancient 1729 parochial church at the plaza center in honor of the local saint, Apostle Santiago. The plaza also houses the town hall and old casino.


Albatera continued to flourish naturally with palm trees along its streets amidst whitewashed houses which are typical of Mediterranean villas in Albatera. There is plenty of beauty nature around Albatera.

Albatera has plenty of plains, wetlands, mountains and parks. The village’s park is called Park of Orchards; it spans 30,000 square meters and houses beautiful trees and plants in the midst a lake and a fountain. There are plenty of designated walking routes in and around Albatera.

Albatera has developed a modern resort for golf and sports such as shooting, tennis and riding. The village has also built many excellent Spanish schools as part of its modernization to education although the village folks maintain its steep traditions and good Spanish values.

Many fiestas and festivals continued to be celebrated as with most Spanish towns and villages on fiestas. One of the more exciting fiestas celebrated in Albatera is the July St. James festival. It is a combination of Moorish and Christian traditions which is celebrated over a week long where there are many brave young local men trying their hand in bull running and bull fighting.

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Tourist Wine Route for Hondon Valley

The Agency for Economic and Social Development Petrer (ADESPA) has welcomed this morning the first general meeting of the Wine Route Alicante.

As explained by the Councillor and representative for Petrer Villaplana Pepa, “the meeting was very important because once set up the Wine Route Alicante  have added a total of 71 wineries, restaurants, lodging and foodservice companies and private partners tourist route. ”

The Wine Route of Alicante includes the municipalities of Petrer, Novelda, Monóvar, Salinas, Alfaz del Pi, L’Algueña, Hondon de los Frailes, Pinoso, Villena and the Commonwealth of the Vall de Pop, as well as private partners found in each of these locations. The route will be promoted through the Tourist Board of the Costa Blanca and Alicante.

The Assembly will publish a new web site to promote and inform about the wine route and the 71 private partners taking part. The publication of brochures and maps will also be commissioned in 2011 for “positioning of the various products and the promotion of the Wine Route Alicante. ”

Look out for the brochure and support the area !

(I hope the Bodega Cerda is on the map ?!?!)

All White? Flour Throwing in Alicante

BBC NEWS: Day of the Innocents

An annual flour fight festival, “Els Enfarinats” has taken place in the Spanish town of Ibi in Alicante. (see the Video here)

A spoof army dressed in full uniform and other bizarre characters engaged in a boisterous battle using flour and eggs as their weapons.

The 200-year-old event takes place every year on the 28 December to coincide with the Day of the Innocents, the equivalent of April Fools’ Day.

includes a video too !

Yes it’s Fiesta Time… 2010

Well the Hondon Valley has it’s fair share of summer fiestas during July and August, from dance/music events, religious ceremonies, themed markets, walks, water fights, bull-runs, paella contests and crazy fun events like the “Corre-Focs” (the craziest Fireworks festival). You should visit the village / town council office for a full programme.

Usually the bigger the town the better financed and organised they are.  But without doubt the smaller villages, like Hondon de las Nieves, do exceptionally well and EVERYBODY IS WELCOME for FREE !!!

Hondon FiestasAlicante Region.

If you look a little beyond the Hondon Valley you will find the cities of Elche and Alicante have some special festival events too... such as Saint John’s Bonfires” + “Moors and Christians” + many carnivals – SEE: or Elche Tourist Site.

Look out for the VERY SPECIAL “Nit de l’alba” – The night of August 13th, or Nit de l’Albà, is one of the celebrations that the townspeople of Elche look forward to most eagerly. Hundreds of fireworks light up the Elche sky!