May Fiesta. Moors & Christians in Abanilla

Abanilla Moors and Christians festivalOne of the great Fiestas across Spain is the Moors & Christians Festival which come in all shapes and sizes. The grandest ones being in the major Valencian cities & towns. They are well worth making a journey for.

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One of the most spectacular near to the Hondon Valley takes place in Abanilla (Murcia region) where colour and ornate costumes are the order of the day as the festival of Santa Cruz gets underway. This year the “May bank holiday” is a week of celebrations in Abanilla with the main event being the  parades of Moors and Christians.

Moros y Christianos [Wikipedia] – is a set of festival activities which are celebrated in many towns and cities of Spain, mainly in the southern Valencian Community; according to popular tradition the festivals commemorate the battles, combats and fights between Moors (or Muslims) and Christians  during the period known as Reconquista  (from the 8th century through the 15th century).

The Abanilla festival features parades of armies of Moors and Christians. The armies are made up of societies (28 of them in 2009 !!! ) of local people, dressed in ornate outfits. Each society wears a unique costume and carries banners and each selects a queen every year to represent it. On Monday 3rd May the main event is a pilgrimage to the Mahoya Chapel, where the town’s people carry a cross in procession.  There is usually stalls, music and other entertainment laid on – the Spanish love the festival and you’ll be sure to see some amazing costumes – they put a lot of effort into their fun !!

Abanilla is about 20/25 minutes from Hondon and a nice drive throught the Hondon Valley into Murcia.

If you can’t make Abanilla there are sure to be other Moors and Christians festivals taking place in Valencia province throughout the spring and summer.

Fiesta Time !! – Program for Hondon De Las Nieves

Enjoy the Fiestas! Hondón de las Nieves Fiestas! Our Fiestas!

Below please find the Fiestas Programme for  Hondón de las Nieves (1st – 7th August) and other events, such as the Medieval Market and Fayre (13th & 14th August).

Official printed programmes for the Fiesta are also available from the TOWN HALL now.

Programme for the Fiestas in honour of the Patron of

09.00 Ringing of the bells.
09.30 Pasacalles (walk around) with “Dolçaina i el Tabalet” group.
13.00 Nos vamos de Tapeo (Let’s go and have some tapas). * Bar Trencaclosques.
19.00 Floral Offering to Our Lady, Virgen de las Nieves.
It will start at the Municipal Library with Les Fondoneres, Authorities, Fiestas Committee and people in general, wearing traditional regional customes and will proceed towards the Parish Church, accompanied by our Musical Band.
20.00 Solemn Mass, singing by the Rondalla Municipal and attended by les Fondoneres and Authorities.
21.00 Regional Dancing by the dancing group of Hondón de las Nieves accompanied by the Rondalla Municipal, Plaza de la Villa.
24.00 Musical Show: KARINA. Sponsored by Excma. Diputación Provincial.
24.00 Barraca Popular (party in the school ground).

09.00 Ringing of the Bells.
09.30 Cycling Ride, from the Plaza de la Villa (Main Square) to La Canalosa, where all participants will be invited to a “almuerzo” (midmorning snack). There will be a draw of two bicycles.
13.00 “Nos vamos de Tapeo” (Let’s go and have some tapas). * Restaurante La Font.
19.00 Walk around the decorated streets of our village with Les Fondoneres, the Fiestas Committee and the Charanga (music group), paying tribute to the senior citizens.
23.30 Serenade to Our Lady, Virgen de las Nieves by the CAM choir groups “Magdala” in the Plaza de la Villa. Sponsored by the CAM Social Work programme.
24.00 Barraca Popular (party in the school ground), “pincha discos” (d.j’s) of our municipality will provide the music.

09.00 Ringing of the Bells.
10.00 Pasacalles (Walk around) with the music band of our village,Unión Musical.
12.00 HIGH MASS with the local choirs, La Rondalla & Coro Municipal, attended by Les Fondoneres, Authorities, Guests, Fiestas Committee and people in general.
13.00 “Nos vamos de Tapeo” (Let’s go and have some tapas). *Pub “Las Rocas”.
21.00 Solemn Procession of Our Patron Lady, Virgen de las Nieves. Accompanied by Les Fondoneres, Authorities, Fiestas Committee and people in general, as well as our music band, Unión Musical and the band from Aspe, “Ateneo Musical Maestro Gilabert”.
24.00 Verbena (musical evening) in the Plaza de la Villa with “La Creme” music group.
24.00 Barraca Popular (party in the school ground).

11.00 A 13.00 “Water games” in the under cover court of the
Polideportivo Municipal (sports centre).
13.00 “Nos vamos de Tapeo” (Let’s go and have some tapas). * Bar Central.
18:00 Game of “Pelota Valenciana” C/ Ramón Cremades
23.00 Theatre: “Dos tontas en apuros” by the group Kimana Producciones, Plaza de la Villa. Sponsored by Excma. Diputación Provincial.
During the week of the Fiestas, there will be a tournament of “tanganilla”. Those interested please see Francisco Alpera Tenza

11.00 VII “Paella d’arròç i conill amb caragols” Competition. (Paella of rice with rabbit and snails)
There will be two categories for the competition:
- Youngsters up to 25 yrs old.
- from 26 yrs old onwards, no age limit.
This competition will take place in the street where the schools are. The Fiestas
Committee will provide firewood, chairs, tables and drinks. Organized by the
Asociación de Amas de Casa and sponsored by the Fiestas Committee.
21.30 Music Band Concert, Plaza de la Villa. Unión Musical de Hondón de las Nieves.


22.00 h. Night Walk to the Los Evangelistas spot (La Vella) Organized by the Centro Excursionista. Departure from Plaza de la Villa
19.00 XXII Descent from Hondón – Aspe. Departure from Mayor street.
20.30 Talk on Astronomy
23.00 Moon Party . Organized by CIDAM in the terrace of Aula de Cultura.
18.30 Opening of the “Medieval Market – Medieval Fayre” in the plaza San Juan and nearby streets.
21.00 After the Novena finishes, Singing to Our Lady.
24.00 Mariachis in the Plaza de la Villa. Sponsored by Herman y Marijke (to celebrate their X anniversary as hondoneros)
18.30 Medieval Market. Closing at 01:00 am approximately.
01:00 Correfocs (running with fire). As per usual itinerary.
19.00 IX Urban Running Race “Fondó de les Neus”. Departure and registration Calle Nueva.


All White? Flour Throwing in Alicante

BBC NEWS: Day of the Innocents

An annual flour fight festival, “Els Enfarinats” has taken place in the Spanish town of Ibi in Alicante. (see the Video here)

A spoof army dressed in full uniform and other bizarre characters engaged in a boisterous battle using flour and eggs as their weapons.

The 200-year-old event takes place every year on the 28 December to coincide with the Day of the Innocents, the equivalent of April Fools’ Day.

includes a video too !

Hondon de los Frailes Patron of the Virgen de la Salud

Frailes Fiestas
Ok you just missed the amazing summer fiestas in Hondón de los Frailes in celebration for it’s patron “The Virgin of Health”.

This includes the Floral Offering, Mass Procession in honor of the Virgin, Wet (water & foam) Party, Street lights and music, bands and local food plus this year the Grand Parade of Chariots on Saturday 28 August. This annual event is usually at teh end of August… and just about EVERYONE turns up !!

It truly is a credit to such a small village that makes this local community quite special from 26 to August 30, 2010 | More info: City of Hondon de los Frailes | Paper Blog

Fiesta Fireworks in Hondón

With the summer fiestas in full swing now there’s lots of excuses for firework displays – and they don’t get much more mad, bad and dangerous than the ‘CorreFocs’ in Hondon de las Nieves. This annual ritual follows the Medieval Market of food and fun. The Correfocs is a display of loud music and running fireworks through the village streets breaks all the Health & Safety rules… “stand well back after lighting the touch paper” is for wimps !!!

Take a look at a recent video of the 2010 Correfocs ! MADNESS but fantastic to watch…

More Hondon Videos…

Wim Kuyps has posted quite a few fiesta and Hondón related videos on YouTube, including “Dance Shool in Hondon” and Medieval Market.

Yes it’s Fiesta Time… 2010

Well the Hondon Valley has it’s fair share of summer fiestas during July and August, from dance/music events, religious ceremonies, themed markets, walks, water fights, bull-runs, paella contests and crazy fun events like the “Corre-Focs” (the craziest Fireworks festival). You should visit the village / town council office for a full programme.

Usually the bigger the town the better financed and organised they are.  But without doubt the smaller villages, like Hondon de las Nieves, do exceptionally well and EVERYBODY IS WELCOME for FREE !!!

Hondon FiestasAlicante Region.

If you look a little beyond the Hondon Valley you will find the cities of Elche and Alicante have some special festival events too... such as Saint John’s Bonfires” + “Moors and Christians” + many carnivals – SEE: or Elche Tourist Site.

Look out for the VERY SPECIAL “Nit de l’alba” – The night of August 13th, or Nit de l’Albà, is one of the celebrations that the townspeople of Elche look forward to most eagerly. Hundreds of fireworks light up the Elche sky!