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Every cent can count when doing even modest money exchanges.
We just checked and today £/€ is touching 1.43… get a free transfer too!

The pound sterling to Euro exchange rates are very attractive right now. Whether you are coming for a holiday, paying your regular bills or mortgage, transferring your pension payments to Spain or paying big lump sums for a new home in the area, we all want more for our pound.

TransferWise give great rates and cheap fees. They are same people who invented SKYPE and up until now a well kept “secret” in the transfer markets. But in fact they have been around for about 5 years and growing rapidly to their great rates, low fees and super easy online process and the first TRANSFER is FREE if you use this special promotional link below.

We cannot believe:
a) how easy it was online, a doddle in fact and
b) the superior rate you get 1 GBP = 1.42+ EUR right now,
c) the fee charged was £4.98 for £1000 transfer.

In fact you can be better off by about £45 over your bank!
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