Healthcare in Spain

EHIC CardIf you are living in Spain but haven’t yet registered for healthcare, make sure to explore your healthcare options by taking our Online Questionnaire on

“Healthcare in Spain” has the main objective to increase awareness among British nationals in Spain about their rights and obligations when living in or visiting Spain in line with EU Regulations. The campaign will look to inform British nationals in Spain about the correct way to use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and inform those who don´t have entitlement to use the card how to get themselves correctly registered.

The UK’s Department of Health is specifically working along with the Valencia Health Authority (VHA) due to the high number of British Nationals visiting and living in this area, compared to the rest of the Autonomous Communities in Spain.

As part of the EHIC Campaign, this website has been developed to let you know about:

  • Who is and who isn´t entitled to use a UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Spain
  • What cover the EHIC gives you while on a temporary visit in Spain
  • How to correctly register for state healthcare in Spain if you are living here on a more permanent basis

Please visit the website for more details …. Don’t leave this to the last minute and save yourself worry-and money!