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Facebook Group for Hondon Entertainment

We help run the Facebook Group “Hondon What’s On?” that local bars, restaurants, charities and groups use to advertise events, fiestas and celebrations in the Hondon Valley areas. It’s a […]

You can get Tapas in the Hondon area, but it’s not widely available or of great variety… least not in the league of Granada and the Andalucia region in general. […]

Giant Paella / Paella Gigante (Frailes Fiesta 2013) How to cook a giant paella in Spain on the street / Como preparan paella gigante en España en plena calle.

The annual summer street parade in Hondon de los Frailes. (Costa Blanca, Spain). » Read more on HondonFrailes.com: If you are looking to experience life in a typical friendly Spanish […]