World Tapas Day 15th June 2017

We love Spanish Tapas! Those little nibbles they give you with a cold beer or G&T across Spain. It’s a great way to eat al fresco, slow, easy and with friends. Have you tried any yet? What is your favourite?

Spain has designated the third Thursday in every June as World Tapas Day, an international celebration of its small plates. As you know Tapa means “lid” and refers to the time when people put a plate over their drink to stop the midges and flies getting in it. It soon became a way to serve small hot or cold snacks for the worker’s mid morning break or after a hard day in the fields.

Spanish Tapas.

Sadly there are not many real & dedicate Tapas Bars in or around the Hondon Valley but the local restaurants serve them in some form. At least once a year many of the nearby towns and villages has a Tapas Week that usually means a special promotion of buy a drink get a tapa for a special price. Often you and your party move from one bar restaurant to another…. a kind of tapas crawl!

Well this year the whole world can get in on the Tapas act as Thursday, June 15th is a World Tapas Day! The event will be celebrated with special tours, workshops, and menus designed in collaboration with various chefs, restaurants, and tourism boards around Spain. Be sure to check your Town Hall, papers or posters for events or special offers.

These look delicious to us… have a great Tapas Starter page if you need to brush up on the popular Tapas dishes. “Here you have a small guide for going out for tapas and choosing what to eat in Spain. These are some of the most typical tapas that you may be served along with a drink or that you can order when eating a meal of tapas or full plates.”