Spring is here in the Hondon Valley

The Spanish Primavera is always a special time of year. The flora and “campo” countryside shows rapid new growth and regeneration of life and colour. Of course, the Hondon Valley is no exception with its bountiful and amazing wealth of crops and wild plants. Maybe its the record rain fall we had this winter as to why the valley is much greener and more colourful than previous years. In the 14 years we have been here this year has so far been outstanding. The Hondon Meadows a colourful floral tapestry to behold right now!

Ok, so we at are no green fingered experts here but you can’t help but notice the wonderful gardens and countryside this Springtime.

Hondon Frailes, Springtime 2017

After the long (relatively cold) winter and the harvest of grapes, clementines, oranges and lemons, February sees the Hondon Valley full of pink and purple almond blossom. It’s something we all look forward to as the sign the warmer weather is close. When the late winter winds come, the blossom petals fall like light snow flakes. This makes way for March when the table grape vines are starting to bud with their vibrant green leaves. And the pomegranate trees (Granada) show the bright red flower which will later turn to the juicy fruit. The mountains and gardens are home to fresh thyme and rosemary herbs with a small purple / blue flower. Their smell is delightful and reminds us of hot roast dinners.

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Everywhere you looks, the Spanish Daises are in full bloom. You’ll see the common and locally known “Sally Ann Handsome” (a very prevalent succulent) in drive ways or country camino edges, spreading a pinky purple flower like a roll of carpet. The palette of bright colours is added to with stunning Bougainvillea and roses. The Yukka’s seems to sprout overnight with a creamy floral crown against its green blades and the blue sky!

But the wild red Poppies have showcased this year in Hondon.We have have never seen the Hondon Valley fields so full of this iconic scarlet flower. They are thriving and to be admired.