Yes it’s Fiesta Time… 2010

Well the Hondon Valley has it’s fair share of summer fiestas during July and August, from dance/music events, religious ceremonies, themed markets, walks, water fights, bull-runs, paella contests and crazy fun events like the “Corre-Focs” (the craziest Fireworks festival). You should visit the village / town council office for a full programme.

Usually the bigger the town the better financed and organised they are.  But without doubt the smaller villages, like Hondon de las Nieves, do exceptionally well and EVERYBODY IS WELCOME for FREE !!!

Hondon FiestasAlicante Region.

If you look a little beyond the Hondon Valley you will find the cities of Elche and Alicante have some special festival events too... such as Saint John’s Bonfires” + “Moors and Christians” + many carnivals – SEE: or Elche Tourist Site.

Look out for the VERY SPECIAL “Nit de l’alba” – The night of August 13th, or Nit de l’Albà, is one of the celebrations that the townspeople of Elche look forward to most eagerly. Hundreds of fireworks light up the Elche sky!