15 Minutes of TV Fame!

A Place in the Sun Needs You!
If you are thinking of moving & setting up business in Spain (or Europe) then here’s a chance to appear on the Telly !!

The program makers FreeForm Productions (makers of Place in the Sun) are looking for couples moving abroad from the UK for a new TV program… but you have to act soon !! … some more details…


Do you dream of a lifestyle where you are your own boss? Where the quality of your life has become more important than the jobs you do?

A new TV series from Freeform Productions, the makers of A Place in the Sun, can help you achieve these dreams and find the perfect overseas business for you.

We are looking for couples and families who are serious and ready to relocate from the UK in the next 6 months, ideally to a European country (although if your plans take you further a field, we would still love to hear from you) and start or buy a business.

The show, presented by A Place in the Sun: Home or Away’s Jonnie Irwin will help you find the ideal business opportunity overseas and give you practical help and advice and on how to make a successful
move. The type of business is not important, we will also help seek out the perfect franchise opportunity overseas.

Get in touch today. Louise Allen, Assistant Producer Email: louisea @ fftv.co.uk